Nico Bloom

Age: 28 Experience: 4 years Specialization:Dj


About Nico's

Nico Bloom is a young guy from Melbourne, Australia who spent his life wanting to be a farmer. That was until he turned 16 and discovered music and his whole life changed. The song that did it was Claptone’s ‘No Eyes’ and that was it, a new passion was born. He very quickly expanded his music tastes, bought himself a small set of decks, then another set and then finally his dream set, some speakers and started playing for friends and hosting Bush Doof’s around the Mornington Peninsula, fast earning a reputation as an up and coming force to be reckoned with. Luckily he had a lot of connections in the music industry as his father Ian Robertson was the founder of Q Bars – Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, so you could say it’s in his blood. His ability to mix is exceptional his style is progressive house and melodic techno. Next up he wants to start producing and tour the world making people smile and of course dance. Stay tuned!